Episode 1

“A crooked man, a crooked mile
A crooked tooth, a crooked smile.
A crooked leg, a crooked dance
Got one thing straight, and it’s in my pants”
from “Crooked Man” words & music by Merola/Fairchild ©2010

Billy kept more things to himself than most people. He had a lifelong series of questionable friendships or “associations” as he put it. …

A Wall Full Of Music
a Billy Lightcap Story

Image©Norris Burroughs

Billy Lightcap walked west down Sunset Strip. It was the summer of 1973 and Billy was more or less stranded in Los Angeles. He felt hungover even though it was only 7:30 PM…to him it felt more like 7:30 AM.
He noticed a big hubbub on the north side of the street. Limos pulled up and and bodyguards jumped out to create a secure pathway for what looked like the members of Led Zeppelin to enter the Hyatt Regency Hotel. There were lots of phonies who tried to pass themselves off…

a Billy Lightcap story


So Billy’s shell company, (Royce Coquette Enterprises) , had a “board meeting”. That meant that Billy went to Beverly Hills to have coffee with Roy. They decided to try a feint, something to get TRK’s attention and then, when he’s all set up, strike with the real punch. They started with this: a formal demand that TRK evacuate the studio and stop all business and evacuate the premises due to a clause in the lease about illegal drug use.

Roy sent the case to a very aggressive young associate named Victor Valdez. Victor grew…

Who Knew? ….

Perhaps his “stories” are true …???

Recently, several Billy Lightcap songs have shown up online ….

Further investigation revealed that there’s a few more of them available on all the streaming sites and also for sale at Amazon.

He’ll have a new story soon … until then please enjoy A Wall Full Of Music

A Wall Full Of Music
A Billy Lightcap Story
Episode 3

©Norris Burroughs

Jack Hoff was confident that he and Bobby Salt would be able to get away with stealing a reel of tape from OdubD, hiring the young producer, Witzend to re-work the song on it into a modern track, and release it without any problem.

“We get this shit promoted Bobby, and we’ll be back in the saddle like the old days”…”How do they do it now..with the innerwebs or something?”

In the meantime … Billy went back to the Montage and threw Slim a set of keys…..”Same place Billy?”…

A Wall Full Of Music
a Billy Lightcap Story

©Norris Burroughs

episode 2

ODubD got busy collecting the tapes from the various places Billy hid them. Some were beyond use and others were pristine. He’d been to North Hollywood, Culver City, Venice, and finally Beverly Hills. Next time he saw Billy, they met on the dock in Marina Del Ray. Billy suggested they leave town by car and head east. “I know a DJ in Santa Fe who may be able to help us out.” ODubD wanted to stay in LA and work on the tapes. Billy said, “Then drive me to…


I'm a musician, songwriter. I've also produced, and once ran an indie label.

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